Classics are a given: if they’ve lasted so long, they have to have some merit. But you can never tell with a contemporary novel if it’s really going to be worth your while. Sometimes reviews obfuscate more than enlighten. Sometimes the people who recommend you books just don’t know what they’re talking about because they don’t read much to begin with. Between the two of us, we have read… quite a lot of books. A sizeable number of those didn’t leave a trace in our mind. But here are some that deserved the time we put into them.

We’ve started writing short descriptions of each book to give you, dear reader, some kind of clue about what any of these wonderful titles are all about. This project is not yet complete.

Books that we consider …

100% brilliant

Literary Acrobatics


Our full reading list is available here.


2 responses to “Read

  1. the electric michelangelo left me breathless… i remember having to stop in between passages to ruminate on words, phrases, lines…
    but i see you’ve listed dai sijie’s balzac…tell me how did you find mr muo’s t.c. ?

  2. it’s on my (long) list of to-be-read books. will let you know after (when/if) ever i complete it.

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