The Moth

An executive producer of Sex and the City talks about how her husband realised he was gay. A writer recounts how he ended up in India, witnessing the love of his life get married to another man. A middle-aged hippie pledges never to sell out — and then takes up a job promoting Phil Collins’ work.

The Moth is a live literary event that has been held regularly in New York
since 1997, where people both famous and unknown go on stage to tell stories without notes. Now the performances are available as podcasts, so it doesn’t (really) matter if you don’t live in New York!

Each podcast is about 15 minutes long, and every story on it so far has been funny and heartbreaking and uplifting. If The American Life is too long for you, this is a good substitute. Storytellers include Malcolm Gladwell, stand-up comic Mike Daisey and my favourite sex columnist, Dan Savage.

You can click here to stream some of the stories, here to subscribe to the podcast. (My preferred way to subscribe to podcasts though, is to open iTunes, go into the iTunes store and search for the podcast I want. I find it much faster than trying to subscribe through the podcast website.)


4 responses to “The Moth

  1. P.S.:

    With regards to Malcolm Gladwell being on The Moth … my fave cranky news critic (there’s a critic for everything, oh yes) Jack Shafer totally bitched about him lying in the stories he told he at The Moth, about his days as as a Washington Post reporter.

    Read here:

  2. Yeah but the stories aren’t meant to be true. Mike Daisey’s story is about making out with Mena Suvari, and he doesn’t tell you it’s a joke either. The Moth isn’t about true-life tales, unlike This American Life. They’re just stories told without notes, not necessarily about real life.

  3. Actually come to think of it, TAL broadcasts fiction pretty often too. So I don’t really see the problem except for the fact that this guy is pissed off because a lot of media people who don’t listen to The Moth regularly took Gladwell’s story for the truth and gave it a much wider audience, most of whom also weren’t aware that The Moth isn’t about telling strictly true stories, which really, isn’t his fault. If you listen through all the stories, you’ll realise that all of them have been polished and embellished, if not outright fiction to begin with.

  4. except that at the beginning of the Moth podcast, it says “The Moth features true stories…”

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