German RufusRufus Wainwright can do no wrong. Even when his titles make me blush (Between My Legs).

Although I haven’t obsessed over Release The Stars as much as I obsessed over Want One, I still love it dearly, and Rufus’ video for ‘Rules and Regulations’ (below) reminds me of how I used to stay up late to watch the ‘April Fools’ video over and over and wish I could be one of his bitchez. πŸ™‚

May I request a video for ‘Tiergarten’?


2 responses to “RUFUS RUFUS RUFUS

  1. freakynewchild

    I like the first two lines of your post. It’s what attracted me to your page. It was witty, and even though I do no care about Mr Rufus or his songs. He has the sort of talent I can’t seem to connect to, like the Beatles, I never got around to actually feel their music- It’s like a beautiful painting that doesn’t move you. Any who, reading your post was rather fun and I had no doubt about your appreciation of Mr Rufus’s art.
    That’s cool. Peace out

  2. thank you for being open minded. and calling him mr rufus πŸ™‚

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